Introducing JEWEL - a new lighting style

When we started Sonoma Bottle we tried to think of every eventuality to make the process of ordering bottleshot photography as simple and affordable as possible.  One feature that our clients always love is the "Lighting Style" section which helps guide the conversation around how to photograph the product.  We originally started with 5 examples (though we're more than happy to match any other lighting style or create an entirely new one for no additional cost) but have since found that a 6th option was needed.  So here we are, happy to introduce to the homepage our latest style "Jewel".

Jewel uses a softer highlight on both sides of the bottle and is most similar to our existing style "Mature".  Jewel works great on all bottles and is often a preferred style for bubblies.

As with all our lighting styles, this is purely an aesthetic choice and has no impact on the readability of label artwork.  Our workflow is always to photograph the glass and label with two distinct lighting setups so as to ensure readability of the label.  Your wine, beer or spirit bottles will always be beautiful, enticing, and legible.