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Sonoma Bottle is a full-service multimedia machine, built for the wine and spirits industry.  Our services are split into two key categories, classic bottle shot photography for e-commerce & print usage, and custom photography and video for all your other needs.  Dive into our streamlined bottle photography process below, or jump over to our additional services page to start a conversation about meeting your needs for anything else.


Bottle Shot Photography for the Wine Industry

Beautiful bottle shots for just $70 per bottle (clipping path included).


We worked with wine industry experts in Sonoma and Napa to create a workflow that perfectly services the primary, wine industry need of clean bottle shot photography.  Our specialty is single bottle shots, beautifully lit, with the background removed.  Sonoma Bottle makes it beautiful, affordable, and quick.



Contact us to arrange an order.  Tells us the number of bottles to expect and how you'd like them lit.

ship bottles to Sonoma Bottle for bottle shot photography


Drop off or send us your bottles. Make arrangements for their return or opt to donate them to our charity partner for a tax deduction.

download bottle shot photography images from Sonoma Bottle


Your proofs are ready in about 3 days.  Approve and download your bottleshots when you're ready.


I couldn’t be happier with Sonoma Bottle. Not only is their work outstanding, they make the whole process so easy and efficient. From now on, all of our bottles will go straight from the bottling line to Sonoma Bottle!
— Graham - Elizabeth Spencer Winery
I have sourced bottle shots for multiple wineries, through multiple photographers over the past decade and these are arguably the best I’ve ever received!
— Erika - Pellegrini Wine Co.

Lighting Options

take control of your brand by choosing your light

Lighting helps tell the story of your product - it hints at the character of what's inside; moody, dark and rich, or maybe crisp, bright and refreshing.  We can light your bottles however you like and are happy to talk to you about your lighting desires.  Below are some examples to get you started - when you order you can select from these or specify something different.


Your star wine should be paraded around in a chariot.


An elegant approach that lets your product packaging shine.


A classic blend.  Your customer can trust the contents of this bottle.

Cellar Door

An elegant approach that implies a little more environment.


Fresh, clean and bright.  You put summer inside a bottle.


A soft but spirited approach that works great for any bottle.

Contact Us

We're based in Sonoma county and provide classic, single bottle shot photography with a clipping path for $70/bottle.  Please contact us for more details or to arrange an order.

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