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Sonoma Bottle

The $70 Bottle Shot - How & Why it Works

To create Sonoma Bottle, we collaborated with wine industry marketing experts to blend our knowledge of photography with the unique needs of the wine industry.  Our classic bottle shot workflow is designed to make better business for our customers.  In order to keep our workflow clean and offer these rates and services we ask you to prepare your orders according to our instructions to avoid any delays or additional retouching needs.

Instructions for Preparing Your Order


For classic bottle shots with an included clipping path, please contact us to arrange your order and receive our order form & contract.

Please note that we require a 50% retainer fee in advance of beginning work on your order.


Once you’ve created your order, you’ll deliver or ship the bottles to one of our studio locations.  If opting to have your bottles shipped back to you, please include a return shipping label.

If you prefer paper to pixels, you can include a hard copy of your order form, contract, and retainer fee check in the box with your bottles.


Your images are typically available for review online within 3 days of your bottles landing in our studios.  If satisfied with the images, we’ll provide you with a link to download your high resolution JPG and transparent TIFF images as well as a final invoice.

We accept payment by check, credit card, and PayPal.


*Please ensure that your bottles are in pristine shape for photographing.  Our rates are possible because of the minimum of retouching we anticipate in our workflow.  Bottles and labels that are scratched, soiled, torn, have the bottle mold line down the front, or require extra retouching may incur additional fees.  We do not remove back labels by default on white and rosé wines and depending on the label design, the back label may show through.